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Social World of MultiCulties

To the heart through the stomach
Give and take. Part of the profit from each pack of Culties sold goes back to the community.
We support people and projects in the MultiCulti countries.
Facilitating education, treating drinking water, promoting environmental and health issues, or securing rapid help when disaster strikes.
Because the earth is a sphere.

Dancer against Cancer

HELPING THROUGH DANCE the idea of a charity ball with celebrity dance contest in support of Austrian Cancer Aid. The underlying principle is: assistance, clarification and prevention for everything to do with the far-reaching issue of cancer. It has recently grown from a single evening ball to a range of events throughout the entire year.

The Culties were at the buffet, contributing great taste and perfect timing.

Watch "Dancer against Cancer" video

Harley-Davidson Charity Tour

Vocal for the voiceless – Strong for the weak
First held in spring 1996, the Harley-Davidson® Charity Tour has grown into one of Austria’s biggest motorbike events. HHundreds of Harley-Davidson® drivers and other bikers drive through Austria every year and collect donations for those in need, particularly ffor children with muscular dystrophy in Austria!

The illness can first appear in early childhood and causes progressive weakening of the muscles. Affected children are often confined to a wheelchair when they are just 7 to 11 years old. Children who suffer from various forms of muscular dystrophy need individually tailored therapy, which can make a significant difference to their quality of life.