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Our world is shrinking

"To the heart through the stomach!" Our mission is to use food as a tool to get to know and better understand other cultures and the people who live them, along with their typical cuisines and culinary delicacies.

Various types of crisis, major sporting events, the internet and many other factors have made it abundantly clear that our world is a small, self-contained unit – basically a tiny capsule in which nations and individuals are becoming increasingly connected and interwoven, much more so than we often admit. Just like an ant colony, we all make up an entity, a unit, a multicultural mosaic; any division into supposed fragments is merely an illusion.
The 'CLAUS' GmbH team has set itself the goal of bringing people closer together, enhancing mutual understanding and multicultural cooperation!

Our goal is to lead the way with practical examples in promoting

  • Curiosity
  • Understanding
  • Tolerance
  • and last but not least, acceptance

so that more people embrace the feeling of universal solidarity.
Given the spirit of the times, the shifts in society and the resultant consumer behaviour, 'CLAUS' GmbH has chosen to focus on the high-quality food sector.